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Has your smile lost some of its wattage? If so, teeth whitening is a great way to bring back the gleam and is one of many services available from Greg Rosenblatt, DMD, of Saugus Smiles in Saugus, Massachusetts. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your teeth whitening options. Online scheduling is fast and easy, or you can always call and speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes tooth discoloration?

Aging is the most common cause of tooth discoloration. The outer layer of each tooth is a thin layer of white tissue called enamel. Just beneath lies another layer of hard tissue called dentin. 

Dentin is naturally yellow. As the years pass, your enamel wears away, revealing more of the dentin. Genetics also play a factor and some people are simply more likely to experience yellowing teeth than others. 

Your teeth are also vulnerable to staining. Certain foods and beverages can discolor your teeth, including red wine, berries, coffee, and tea. It can help to use a straw when drinking highly pigmented beverages and rinsing your mouth briefly afterward. 

Smoking can cause your teeth to take on a yellow or brown cast. Even some medications can cause tooth discoloration. A traumatic injury can also change the color of one or more teeth. 

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that uses a special chemical solution to blast apart stains and whiten your teeth. Professional whitening uses powerful solutions that are carefully applied to avoid harming your gums or other soft tissues. 

Dr. Rosenblatt offers Philips Zoom!Ⓡ teeth whitening systems. There’s an in-house whitening system that uses a special light to activate a powerful whitening agent. There’s also a take-home option that allows you to brighten your smile on your own schedule. 

Whitening can boost the brightness of your smile by multiple shades. The effects are lasting, and you can extend those results by taking care not to expose your teeth to elements that can cause staining. 

Will over-the-counter whitening products work?

Virtually every grocery store and drug store offers an array of products that promise to whiten your smile. None of these systems can match the power of whitening solutions sold only to dental professionals. 

Whitening strips, toothpastes, gels, and tray-based systems can help you extend your professional whitening results, but they lack the ability to lift stains and create noticeable results. 

If you have additional questions about teeth whitening, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosenblatt to learn more. You can book an appointment in just moments online or simply call to speak with a member of the administrative staff.