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For Nervous or Apprehensive Patients

Dr. Rosenblatt understands that going to the dentist is not easy for everyone. Some people are too nervous to go to the dentist, even though dental health is so important. It's essential that people realize that the health of our teeth and gums affects our whole body and overall health. That is why Dr. Rosenblatt and the entire staff at Saugus Smiles will work with you to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Rosenblatt has worked for years on apprehensive patients and has become proficient at making patients feel comfortable and at ease. If Dr. Rosenblatt can't make you feel comfortable, no one can. Give us a call at 781-233-0344, or email us at info@saugussmiles.com, for a free, no-pressure consultation. Come in and see how Saugus Smiles can help you get the excellent oral health you deserve.

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